Three Americana tracks that will take you back to old time music

Montgomery Church – “Flowers on my doorstep”
-If you’re a fan of bluegrass (and you should be), then you’ll definitely appreciate the old time style from Montgomery Church. What I love most about this recording is that you can’t tell if it was done in the 1950s or the 2020s. That timeless energy comes through both in the tone of the vocals, the quality of the picking, and the overall message of the song. The message of flowers to cover a guilty conscience is really intriguing as well. If you’ve ever been in a long term relationship, this lyrical message will be uncomfortably familiar. It’s still really wonderful, timeless, and meaningful.

Them Coulee Boys – “Just friends”
-If you’re looking for a song with a rollicking energy, definitely give this one a spin from Them Coulee Boys. The lyrics are undeniably poetic. I really appreciate the John Prine-like energy of the song overall. It’s clever, witty, and a good time to listen to. It’s the kind of song that begs for a room full of fans to sing along on the chorus and clap along through the whole dang thing. Call it alt country or Americana — doesn’t matter to me. This is great music!

Flyover States – “Baskets”
-The first time I heard this track from Flyover States, I stopped right in my tracks. Who IS this? The guitar work is sweet and gets the attention right away, but the vocal harmonies are BEAUTIFUL. This is the kind of singing work we just don’t hear on the radio anymore. It’s genuine, organic, and bridges that gap between country, gospel, and folk incredibly well. It reminds me of a vocal group singing at a small country church some Sunday morning. The sweet, expressive style puts me in mind of an old favorite (and this is for the true old heads out there), the Statler Brothers. I’m extremely glad to have found this track and this new, emerging Americana group.

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