Three unconventional tracks redefining your understanding of “pop” music

Kat Hammock – “June”
-With a name like Hammock, I suppose Kat Hammock is destined to make summer-ready pop music. The vocal blending on this track is absolutely outstanding. I definitely found myself being instantly captivated by this sound. The piano lays down a wonderful groundwork for the vocal elements. The lyrics are romantic, with a hope of being together with someone in a long distance relationship. The line “talking ’bout each other to the moon” really works well here. This is classic folk with a modern pop flavor in the best way possible.

Kate Dinsmore – “What’s the point”
-Something about Dinsmore’s voice reminds me of Carole King. The overall energy of the track feels like it’s a throwback as well as something exciting and modern. The soaring jazz-influenced vocal style on the chorus works really well on this track. In some places, Dinsmore’s vocal even sounds a little like Rachel Price of Lake Street Dive. This soulful, expressive version of pop music is sorely missed in the top 40 right now. I’d love to hear a sound like this chart in 2021. Let’s try to make it happen! Give this a spin and share it with friends.

Marmalade Mountain – “Broken world”
-Everyone’s not the same. Absolutely. The lyrical truth at the heart of this song is really compelling, but it’s the beat that will probably resonate with most listeners. When I first started covering this track, I immediately had to rush out and share it with a few friends. It’s THAT kind of good tune. I love everything from the energy to the production to the beat. This one is a summer-ready hit.

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