Three Americana tunes to bring a smile to your face this weekend

J. M. Clifford – “Kick the drum”
-If you’re looking for a bluegrass based old fashioned feeling track, give Clifford’s latest a spin. The fiddle part harkens to some earlier days in true Appalachian fashion. The overall vibe feels like it’s from another era in a nice way. The vocal is genuine and the pickin’ is sure to get some grinnin’ from listeners.

Matthew Thomas Hope – “Cora”
-If you’re looking for an Americana sound that utilizes a sincere lonesome vocal and expressive lyrics to steal the show, check out this new track. The steel guitar is perfectly placed on this one, providing highlights without overwhelming the sound. Also, the space between “Cora… maybe we can find time” and similar lyrics works really well. Phrasing is really important in good songwriting and it works well on this one. Fans of Andrew Combs will dig this one.

Kyle McKearney – “Each and every day”
-The relatable lyrics on this one are sure to make McKearney some fans right away. It’s got that timeless storytelling energy to it that makes “country” what country used to be. We call it Americana now, but we all know everything from the workaday observations to the allusions to commonplace drug use go back in country history as long as people have been singing. This is a real treat for fans of authentic country music. I’m glad to have found this one.

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