Three brilliant new folk tracks that you’ll want in your life

Grace Gonzalez – “Oh music”
-From the opening of the track discussing James Taylor to the chorus highlight Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” the entire song is full of references to classic music. The underlying message is about the POWER of music. As someone who turned his passion for music into a hobby then into a business, trust me when I say I can relate to this song. I love the composition, the energy, and the message in equal parts. This one is going to make its way up my playlists throughout the year. Don’t be surprised to see me post something else about it in my “end of year” lists. It’s a gem.

Tall Heights – “The Mountain”
-We’ve covered Tall Heights in the past, so it was nice to see their name in the subs again here recently. The vocals are always so good on their music. This one has a sort of love song meets artful folk style to it. The poetic lyrical style works really well with the serene background instrumentation. In a world with so many handclappy folk songs, it’s nice to slow it down a turn and connect. The gentle energy of the track, particularly with the harmonies on the calm yet meaningful verses, immediately stands out in the crowded folk genre.

Mayfly – “to jules”
-If you’re looking for a sweet, expressive new folk tune, give Mayfly’s “to jules” a spin. There’s a gentle intimacy to the composition style. It’s an incredibly intriguing with some harmony structures I’ve literally never heard before. The line about being “beautiful” but “comes at a cost” is… whew. That one hit me for sure. If you’re a fan of this evocative and intimate style of folk music, definitely give Mayfly some serious consideration.

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