Three engaging new folk singer songwriters for your consideration

Jodie Nicholson – “Be back soon”
-The atmospheric energy of this track is really remarkable, but at the core of the song is a wonderfully rich lead vocal. The lyrics are thoughtful and personal, but have a nice access point for anyone to connect to the message. If you’ve ever felt incomplete without someone nearby, this song will connect. The tenderness in the vocal balanced with the powerful vocal on the chorus really makes this song emerge from the crowd. It is, as they say, quite dynamic.

Big Little Lions – “Peaceful”
-The energy of this track is bright and surprising. The strings make a dreamlike sense from the start while the high pitched vocals seem to be intentionally “angelic” in the mix. The combination is a light and sweet feeling. The combination of the hypnotic rhythm and the sweet vocals makes for an enjoyable listening experience. It’s a folk song that defies all of the conventions of the formulaic new folk we saw in the early 2010s. The wistful reflections inherent to the song are sure to resonate with a lot of listeners.

Art Block – “Patriot Song”
-If you’re looking for an easy going acoustic folk song, you won’t find much better than Art Block’s style here. The atmospheric crescendo in the background might scare away some of the traditionalists, but the core of the song stays true to the genre for me. The energy of the vocal blending on the chorus is deeply satisfying to my ears. The lyrics demand a devoted narrative reflection. Give it a chance to wash over you in all of its forms (and it honestly might take a few listens) and you’ll walk away from this one feeling transformed. There’s a lot of transformative power in Block’s call to “break the mold” on this one.

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