Three talented singer songwriters to start your week off right

Daphne Gale – “Kills me too”
-The acoustic guitar work on this song is really inviting, then the vocal is delightfully warm. The combination makes for a song that feels comfortable and sweet. The lyrics are loving, about how it feels to have that special someone to be with. It’s poetic and charming from start to finish. This is a really sweet pop-tinged folk song that’s sure to find its way onto some coffeeshop playlists in the coming months. It’s a treat.

Emma Freeman – “Silver Cup”
-Speaking as a totally objective semi-professional music critic, I adore Emma Freeman’s voice. I love this kind of folk music in general, but Emma Freeman’s style is so absolutely sweet that it’s hard to put into words. The chromatic acoustic work creates a really lovely energy around the sweet vocal melody line. It’s like a mashup of singer songwriter goodness combined with some delightful strings in the background. Fans of the Dodie Clark style of new singer songwriters are going to fall head over heels for Emma Freeman’s sound.

Flora Hibberd – “Night, Perpetual”
-If you’re looking for a mature vocal sound, give Flora Hubberd a spin. The song feels like something that might have come out of the 60s and 70s. It’s got that vintage pop aura to it for sure. It’s hard to put a specific comparison out there, but something about the articulation and intonation reminds me a bit of Karen Carpenter. Overall, though, it’s a singer songwriter vibe that’s for those who like the finer things; this is refined vintage pop for the sophisticated among us.

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