Three energetic and alternative takes on modern rock music

LOVEHEIST – “The Stone”
-Some of the synth work on this song feels like it might have been captured in a magical time machine in the 1980s and preserved for us to enjoy. Marty!? Is that you!? But, then there’s this pop rock energy from the 90s that carries the track through some really magical, soaring moments on the chorus. The combination is alchemical! If you haven’t been really charged up by a pop rock tune in a while, spin this remarkable new song from LOVEHEIST and feel the powerful energy!

WYATT – “Everything has changed”
-The glowing pop energy of this track stood out for me right away. There’s such a cool groove to this song that I couldn’t click away. The smooth groove is matched by a fantastic lead vocal that is right in that “sweet spot” of tone quality and steady movement. In a world with so many yell-singers, it’s nice to hear a clear, smooth, enjoyable lead singer for a pop rock outfit. The lyrics are about change — and after the year we’ve all had, it’s definitely a relatable concept. Throw this one on your playlist and I guarantee you’ll be dancing every time.

James Holt – “Make my day”
-I know what you’re thinking… this sounds like a hidden track from the Beatles from the late 60s. I know. But it’s not. James Holt is not the fifth Beatle (as far as our research shows), but he certainly has captured some of the magic that made that sound so iconic in the 60s. The mix of predictable and fun chord changes with a few poignant, well-placed, less-predictable turns in the song makes for a really pleasing sonic experience. “What a fine way to make my day!” Yes, exactly. That’s how I felt about discovering this song. Such a joy!

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