Three indie pop tunes to get you groovin this weekend

Mesmerizer – “Melancholia”
-There’s a super chill energy to this track that drew me in right away. I definitely appreciate the glowing energy on the chorus. It’s a sound that will have you thinking of sunshine and beaches, even though the lyrics are about feeling melancholy and having trouble getting out of bed. It’s such a relatable concept that a lot of listeners will connect with. I am mostly impressed with the juxtaposition of energy and message. Very compelling.

Alyson McNamara – “Got all night”
-The energy from Alyson McNamara’s writing is absolutely engaging. Sometimes it reminds me of an old school Fleetwood Mac flair, but it also feels like it stands on its own as a contemporary sound as well. The softness in McNamara’s vocal reminds me of Heather Robb (Spring Standards) and the cool writing fits the tone of the vocal perfectly well. This is such a comfortable song it makes me want to put it on all my playlists. It’s singer songwriter gold, but also some glowing and rewarding indie pop.

Smallpools – “Life of the party”
-If you’re looking for a type of up tempo rock that has a dynamic rhythm and a quality lead vocal, give Smallpools a spin. Some of the extra electronic effects are a bit over the top for what we typically cover, but the energy of the vocal and the overall rowdy energy works well for an indie pop jam. The expressive, quizzical lyrics do a nice job of standing out from a crowd in indie pop. This one is a definitely for that indie pop rock jams list… and will get you moving every time you spin it.

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