Three indie folk tracks to bring a peaceful mood this weekend

Talel McBriar – “The Conversation”
-If you’re looking for a calming acoustic track, look no further than Talel McBriar’s recent track “The Conversation.” A nice mix of melodic variation and atmospheric swells in the background give the song a varied composition style. The lead vocal is gentle yet intriguing, pulling the listener in to listen a bit more closely. It’s a thoughtful acoustic track, perfect for an acoustic playlist for this weekend.

Specific Coast – “Wasn’t Love”
-The energy of this track feels just right with an electric guitar and a quality lead vocal taking center stage. The meandering feel of the main melody has shades of much older Western swing and cowboy folk songs, leading to an unexpectedly timeless sound for a song written in the 21st century. If you’ve ever contemplated a relationship that felt very real at the time but fell apart, these lyrics will connect deeply with you. It’s an engaging song and one of those tracks that will make you feel “seen” and “heard” by the songwriter.

Cederfeldt – “Bats and Ivy”
-There’s a calming acoustic style at the heart of this track, but it’s really the haunting chord structure that will stand out immediately. My favorite aspect the track is the layered vocal with some hair-raising harmonies. The piano also adds a layer of depth that intrigues the ear, the mind, and the heart. This composition feels like something that could have been written many years ago, yet there’s an organic presentness that connects in a quite poignant way. I think the best term for this piece is authentic; everything about it feels real. It’s captivating and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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