Three tracks right on the line of alt rock and folk music

Indigo FM – “Anhedonia”
-If you’re looking for a lush rock arrangement and a moving kickdrum rhythm, check out this great new indie rock track from Indigo FM. To be honest, when I write about music I usually listen while I’m writing and kind of explain what I hear… but this song is so good I just vibed out for the whole song and had to restart it to write. It’s just a “lose your head” and feel the jam kind of song. I could include this jam on a lot of different playlists from indie rock to more of a chill out and hang with friends list. It’s got a groove and a solid vocal mix; dig it, friends!

Save Henry – “Pennsylvania”
-As a native of the Keystone State, I’m not saying that I was pre-disposed to like this song… but I definitely was intrigued regarding the title. Once I clicked play, I found a song that brought some intriguing and unique rhythmic forms. The bass line is actually sneaky good as well. The vocal and overall melody refuses conventional rock melodies in favor of a more creative “off the beaten path” ethos. It is a sound that blazes its own trail… but is it the Appalachian Trail? Or the National Road? Maybe a little of each.

Genesis Fermin – “X-oh”
-If you’re looking for a nice blend of alt rock and folk music, look no further than Genesis Fermin. The energy is truly unique, with elements of 90s alt rock and more traditional folk music. The different elements from voice to rhythm feel a bit traditional, but sometimes the backing track feels like it’s from a more experimental places. Some of the chord changes are intriguing as well. It’s worth a spin.

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