Three new tracks navigating the Americana and rock genre blend perfectly

Evan Bartels – “El Camino”
-From the first time I heard Evan Bartels, I knew there was something different about his music. It’s sincere. This man has never sung a lyric he didn’t believe. This is the kind of music that explains why the world goes around, what motivates people to storm castles and scale mountains. The composition style is expressive and earnest, yet as salt of the earth as possible. Bartels is the quintessential Americana singer songwriter, telling the stories of common people in accessible and powerful terms. This new track “El Camino” is a love song with the guts of the Highwaymen. Give it a spin.

Jesse Roper – “Does anybody know”
-From the opening bass line of this track, I knew it was going to be different. Featuring a bit more of a soulful flavor than a lot of rock we get, it’s still certainly within the great classic 60s tradition of rock music. The expressive lead vocal is sure to put a smile on a lot of faces. The vocal gets strained in the best way possible once the track swells; it’s clear that there’s a lot of passion in the lyrics and message of this track. The guitars and vocal make a perfect match on the chorus of this groovy, timeless rock-influenced track.

Sarah Walk – “Same road”
-The acoustic guitar on this track is sure to get a lot of people interested. It’s a song with a chill energy to it. The poetic lyrics connected with me on first listen. There’s a delightful simplicity in the composition here that really stands out for me. There are so many folks making music in these genres that feel the need to bring in a lot of external production elements; the heart in this track is in the guitars and meaningful vocal. I could put this on about half a dozen of our playlists and it would fit right in. What genre would you call this one? Tweet us what you think @EarToThe_Ground.

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