Three new Americana tunes to get you ready for music festivals this year

Eugene Tyler Band – “Useless Old Names (Live)”
-I generally don’t feature live tracks because they tend not to have the same recording quality, but this one is so good I couldn’t say no. As someone who loves country music history, hearing this kind of music that brings together so many old time traditions is really great. There’s an obvious bluegrass spirit to the banjo and stand up bass here, but the lyrical line takes on some of the tall tale stylings of old time music as well. The overall energy dips into timeless mountain music in ways I wish we’d hear more often. I put the Eugene Tyler Band on my acts to watch in bluegrass and I hope they send us a whole lot more.

Taylor Hollingsworth – “Do right”
-Sometimes a song just feels like it’s perfect for a mood. I don’t know if it’s time of life or time of year or a bit of both, but this song connected with my soul in deep ways. I love the easy going style and the self-reflective sense about songwriting itself. The mesmerizing guitar picking perfectly establishes the bed for the vocal. The vocal harmonies are subtle, but do a nice number in making the lead vocal pop. The diary-like reflective lyrics make it feel like Taylor and I would be able to sit down and chat a while with no problem at all. Good sentiments, great music, and a song that feels just right for our moment.

Vinny Paolizzi – “Gold Rush”
-I appreciate the up tempo rock energy to this track. The song is probably more classic rock than typical Americana, but it works for us on this one. I know a lot of people will hear the evident comparison to pop rock from the 60s and 70s, but Paolizzi’s style fits real nice with guys like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson right now. Leaning more towards rock than country, it’s still a style that deserves to be highlighted in the Americana scene. That line, “saving my singing for the gold rush” pops really well. I appreciate the sentimentality wrapped in hopes and dreams here. I hope I get to hear this one live some day.

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