Three more singer songwriters to inspire your weekend

J.M. Clifford – “On a Saturday night”
-If you’re looking for a chill singer songwriter style, give Clifford’s latest track a spin. Something about the light and energy of the guitar work reminds me a bit of the Milk Carton Kids. The expressive lyrical style puts me in the mind of someone like Paul Simon. The combination of those styles makes for a captivating and enjoyable acoustic folk sound. As someone who has been home a lot of Saturday nights over the past year plus, I appreciate the expressive style here.

summersets – “before i and you”
-This is a magical little piece of music. I don’t exactly know what gives it such charming energy, but it’s definitely an immediate stand out folk song. The atmospheric qualities in the background serve to highlight the intimacy of the vocal harmonies. The word that keeps coming to mind with this track is tenderness. It’s tender, light, and enjoyable from start to finish. It’s about relationship, closeness, and realizing that you’re better off with that special someone than you were without them. It’s a delightful, engaging overall sound.

Old Sea Brigade – “Salt”
-There’s a unique atmospheric style in the opening that creates immediate tension in the song. As the listener awaits the resolution there’s a real sense of mystery. Once the vocals enter, the higher pitched hum continues well into the main melody of the song, making it have a continued sense of being unsettled. The longer that uncomfortableness lasts, the more amazing it is when it resolves. As the track breaks into more of a folk rock syle, even with a bit of a pop energy to it, the listener gets an immediate payoff that relieves that tension. Without the opening being as unsettling as it is, the groove and the chorus would not resonate the way it does. This is a masterful use of dynamics and tension in modern pop folk composition; it’s a masterclass and you should put it on your own playlists pronto.

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