Three indie folk tracks to help listeners contemplate the meaning of friendship

Romanie – “Fake friends”
-I appreciate the relaxing acoustic guitar and solid lead vocal here. One of the things I love most about this song is that the lyrics are so easy to understand. We get a lot of submissions that muddle the message, but this song is straightforward and meaningful. “I’m hopeful to forgive and I’ll learn to forget.” This is a powerful spiritual sentiment and works well for life beyond friendship. I appreciate the profound message and fervent emotional reflection evident in the track from start to finish.

Long for the Coast – “Hold on, brother”
-I really appreciate the acoustic work on this track. The rising pop folk energy of this track does a nice job of resonating. The vocal harmonies are perhaps my favorite part. The chamber folk instrumentation definitely stands out for us in a crowded folk scene right now. The overall message will have listeners thinking about old friends and the hope of life and love. This one feels like it carries a message beyond the immediate and into the infinite.

Big Little Lions – “Only a friend like you”
-If you’re looking for a timeless folk sound that’ll have you tapping your foot, give this one a spin from Big Little Lions. They’re a band we’ve covered many times in the past and it’s easy to see why we keep saying yes. They’re great! The lyrics are about a friend who plain old makes life better. These are rare friends, so if you think of someone when you’re listening to this song then you know they really are in that special category. This one feels really good and if it makes you think of someone, you should share it with them.

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