Best Songs for Date Night

Music can motivate us and invoke emotion. We listen to music for work, music for studying, music for exercise, music for chores, and music for dancing, but do you listen to music for love? If you don’t already have a date night playlist, it’s time to make one. Listening to music during romantic date nights is not only more fun, but it gives you a rhythm to enjoy your evening and sets the overall mood. Music can improve our overall mental state and reduce stress. It can also improve intimacy, while enhancing arousal, desire, and ultimately pleasure. Studies actually show that music hits the same reward trigger in our brain as intimacy does. Thus – blending romance and music together is a harmonious experience that can increase happiness, reduce stress and anxiety, ultimately improving our overall mental health. Can we say double the pleasure and double the fun?

If you have eclectic taste in music, simply putting your music on shuffle can be too risky. Having a specific date night playlist is a game changer and can really get you in the mood by matching the music to the moment. You can make a playlist and transition it into different songs as your date night progresses. Starting with slow, romantic music and then possibly something more upbeat when the conversation takes off. By adding music to match your romantic moments, you can create a sensory experience for you and your partner. Let the music take you on a journey. 

Depending on what genre of music you’re into, there are plenty of songs you can create a little romance with. You should also consider the mood you’d like to set. Do you enjoy romantic and passionate evenings with your partner, or do you prefer something more fun and upbeat? It’s important to consider your partner’s taste in music as well and what they ultimately enjoy. You can even consider collaborating with your partner and creating a playlist together of songs you like. This can be a fun activity to do together as well. If you don’t know where to start, here are some songs to consider adding to your playlist of seduction.  

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has the voice to seduce. You’ll be thinking about how you can get closer to your partner.

Open – Rhye 

That sultry, feminine voice will set the tone for seduction. Basically anything by Rhye can set the mood for a little romance, so consider his whole album.

Adorn – Miguel 

Miguel is a classic for romantic evenings.

You’re Still The One – Shania Twain

This classic Grammy-award winning song from the ‘90s has an upbeat tempo perfect for dancing with your date to.

Warm On a Cold Night – HONNE

This song will make you want to cuddle up with your partner on any night. 

Lovers – Anna of the North

Grow closer with your lover to this sweet song.

Pony – Ginuwine

A true classic you’ll want to get down to on your date night. 


If you need to spice up your date night or simply change things up, a romantic date night playlist may be just what you need. Music can boost your mood, strengthen your desire, and create stronger intimate moments with you and your partner. Create a beautiful, harmonious experience with your lover by curating the perfect personalized playlist. These songs are just some options but everyone’s taste in music is different, so choose songs that you and your partner can feel the romance for. Remember to include artists that your date has mentioned, for an extra romantic touch. 

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