Three authentic Americana tunes to kick your week off right

Kyle McKearney – “Keepin it simple”
-If you’ve been an Americana fan for any length of time, there’s a certain “simple life” ethos that surrounds the genre. Fishing, drinking, and taking it easy is certainly part of the worldview of the style. You can hear this from Waylon and Willie all the way to the present day with Tyler and Sturgill. Hearing Kyle McKearney’s latest track “Keepin it simple” captures the mood of the genre, complete with some expressive lyrics and an easy going country-flavored relaxation anthem. Put this one on your summer “up the camp” playlist, trust me on this one. This one’s so good, you might get a contact buzz just from listening to it.

Pawns or Kings – “No way home (Where did I go wrong)”
-If you’re looking for an old time two step style country tune, give this track from Pawns or Kings a chance. I really appreciate the “down home” sensibility of it. If you’ve ever sat around a family room or camp fire and sang together, this song will connect with you. Everything from the guitar, stand up bass, and of course the banjo feels like a timeless Americana mix. That message that, “nothing feels like it did back before” is quite prudent for folks who try so hard to go home and find out it just ain’t there anymore. This is what we call the tragic truth.

Larry Lacerte – “Find a way home”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing Americana style, definitely spin the latest track from Larry Lacerte called “Find a way home.” This is one of those songs that absolutely stands out in a crowded genre because of the way it captures a true salt of the earth style. The harmonies on the chorus are just subtle enough to make even the most closed-lip listener sing along. The thoughtful, almost confessional lyrics feel like they were penned by the kind of common folks that have made up the Americana genre for generations. This one gets down in there deep, let me tell ya.

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