Three pop rock(ish) tunes to get your toes tappin this May

Alex Bloom – “LA NY”
-So we start off with a piano and guitar working together, but then a few bars in something happens where the melody takes a little turn… and the beat enters. By the time you get to the bluesy, pop influenced vocal style, the track is well on its way. The cool texture certainly feels at home in urban environments like LA and NY, the namesakes. The colorful melody lines from the piano only grow in their complexity throughout the track. If you’re a fan of big piano energy like Billy Joel and Sir Elton John, definitely give this track a serious spin. It’s a lot of fun!

Joe August – “Fool for you” with Alec Shaw and Zan Fiskum
-I love the classic guitar work on this track. It feels like a distinctly and intentionally classic track. The bluesy energy of the guitars put a smile on my face, while the lyrical style and vocal feel like they’re rooted in a more modern genre. The combination is definitely energetic and enjoyable. I don’t know why, exactly, but something about the overall mood of this track puts me in mind of John Mayer. I’m not even mad about it; this is a pretty rad track.

Rightfield – “Birthday party”
-We get a LOT of submissions with this style of pop-atmospheric rock(ish) energy, so for me to approve one it has to really pop. This one did for me because it’s so gorgeously balanced. The lyrics, the cool guitar energy, and ESPECIALLY the way the vocal resonates on the chorus. The jump to the falsetto feels seamless and the overall vibe is right in the pocket. It’s hard to explain in words; it’s more one of those things that just sounds and feels right. Stop reading and close your eyes to listen to the beauty on this captivating, genre-defying track.

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