Three exciting contemporary singer songwriters for you to follow

John Paul White and Rose Cousins – “I can’t with you”
-Well, I hope your heart is firmly in your chest because this song just make it want to fly away. These harmonies are absolutely captivating. The lyrics are romantic and heartwrenching in different ways. The minimalist production with the piano and two vocals hits perfectly well. This song is a testament to the fact that good songwriting transcends all the overwrought production of so much in the music industry. This is a beautiful, moving composition. Do enjoy.

Casey Sana – “Maliblu”
-The glowing guitars on this track are sure to make some fans right away. The effect on the vocal also makes for a lush arrangement and vibe. As someone who has never been to Malibu, California I can’t say that I totally relate. But the song does such a nice job of creating a vibe that seems familiar even though I’ve never been there. It’s definitely a sound you’ll want on your summer playlists; it’s vibey, chill, and sure to appeal to a lot of our readers. That guitar solo is to DIE for.

Lisa Wright – “Everything changes”
-The easy going acoustic energy of the opening of this track stood out from the crowd right away. When I heard the lead vocal, though, I was completely blown away. This is such a magical folk-inspired pop sound. The lyrical concept is definitely the truth; in life, everything changes. I have to say that sometimes a song transcends my role as a music blogger and moves into a personal connection; this one did that. It hits me sonically and lyrically in a very personal way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Lisa Wright for this piece of music.

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