Three classic Americana tunes to melt your cold, cold heart

Dak Erik Oksvold – “Love you more”
-Well, if you’re a fan of classic country then look no further than this new track from Oksvold. The vocal style might remind you of Ricky Skaggs or even the inimitable Vince Gill. The gospel styling here is really impressive. It’s a classic sound that we don’t hear enough in our submissions. The lyrical simplicity is perfectly characteristic of what makes country music so wonderful. Everything from the instrumentation and harmonies to the steel guitar make this feel like it’s straight out of Nashville.

Daniel James McFadyen – “Caroline”
-These are some of the cleverest lyrics I’ve heard in 2021. I don’t throw that compliment around lightly. Something about the energy of the track feels a little Ryan Adams and a little Beck. No matter the comparison, this is a legit folk-influenced pop rock song. I really dig the subtle keys work in the background, giving it a bluesy and energetic flavor. The whole composition really stands out in the midst of our recent Americana submissions.

Cole Schiefele – “Company Clothes”
-This is the second Cole Schiefele track we’ve covered in recent months, so it begs the question what we like so much. In a word, everything. The composition is tried and true folk-influenced country music. The guitar work feels old fashioned just enough to resonate, while Schiefele’s vocal nestles beautifully into the mix. This is the kind of acoustic folk music that drew us to writing about music in the first place. The lyrical sense of hard work and dedication to keeping going, even when it doesn’t always feel purposeful, is really powerful. It’s an homage to earlier generations of hard working folks. There ain’t a much more worthy subject for folk music than working folks. I ‘preciate it.

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