Three totally different ways to go about making modern soul music

GoldFord – “Ride the storm”
-Upon first listen, I wondered if I accidentally clicked on a record from Stax or Motown. The composition and production are outstanding. Then… that VOICE. Oh my heavens. That VOICE. GoldFord has a lead vocal that is to die for. The whole composition has that throwback sway that you absolutely want in your life. I could put this on about half of our playlists and it’s a hit no matter what you call the genre. I’m going with soulful Americana on this one. “I can’t stop the rain but we can ride the storm.” Whew!

Rafferty – “Make a home”
-It’s not every day we get a song where the organ is the defining feature, but this song is absolutely incredible. Rafferty has this combination of modern and throwback elements to make a truly unique sound. The lead vocal absolutely soars. The lyric “baby, I thought we were making a home but all I was doing was making you crazy.” Wow. This is a breakup, heartache, broken hearted tune in every way. If you can relate to this heartache, the soundscape and incredible vocal on the chorus just might put you in tears.

Magic City Hippies – “Diamond”
-So the production on this one might not register to everyone as soul, but trust me that it’s got soul. The lo-fi style really resonates well. It’s the soul in the groove, the vocal, and the overall direction of the track that makes it stand out for me. The mix on the vocal really pops well here. Let me say it this way; if you can listen to this song without absolutely grooving wherever you are (yes, even in your office chair), then you might want to get your ticker checked out. This is an audio heart check and I’m here to tell you I’m GROOVIN right now.

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