Three very different rock acts to make you appreciate the genre

Said the Whale – “Everything she touches is gold to me”
-I really, really like this track. This is one of the best indie rock tunes I’ve heard in 2021. If I did a genre-based end of year list, this would be a top contender for rock. The vocal harmonies on the chorus remind me of some kind of strange and beautiful combination of Queen and Weezer. The overall energy of the track is thoroughly and proudly unconventional. I appreciate several of the creative decisions on this track; it’s a really great time from start to finish.

Levon – “Wonder”
-This is an up tempo rock sound with a big time pop rock production. It sounds radio ready for the daytime radio station that plays classics from the great tradition of rock music. There’s a perfect vocal blending on the track that shows off the impeccable studio quality here. The entire track is note perfect, creating a track that’s fun to sing along. If I didn’t know better, I would swear this came out in the mid 90s.

Real Face – “I don’t need to be afraid anymore”
-This track teeters on the line between alt and pop rock. I know that probably sounds like two very different things, but what I mean is that it has a pop, optimistic chord structure, yet the vocal feels a bit understated in some places. I hate to use the term, but it really sounds “indie.” That’s usually a term that says more about the budget of a project more than the sound, but this track feels like it was created to be enjoyed by folks who enjoy rock that’s a bit off the beaten path. The thoughtful lyrics and moving instrumentation are really high level.

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