Three adult contemporary tracks inspiring love and reflection

Lexi Jayde – “Running in place”
-Wow, this is kind of an anthem for being in your 30s, isn’t it? Feels like I’m running in place. I could have put this on many years recently in my life. I’m sure this song is more about mental health, but it’s definitely in the right tradition. I aprpeciate Jayde’s incredible vocal work and the resonance of the acoustic guitar. It feels a bit like a musical diary entry about what it’s like to be overwhelmed. A lot of people are sure to connect with this thoughtful track.

Emma Kade – “Nirvana”
-I rarely feature pure electro pop like this, so you know when I do it has to be really exceptional. Call this adult contemporary or pop, but it’s certainly not the typical folk we cover. That said, the lead vocal is unbelievably high quality. The energy of the recording is quite rewarding. It’s sensual and going to make its way on some interesting playlists, that’s for sure. It’s rare to find music like this so well produced, but this song will have you responding to each well-delivered line from Emma Kade.

Kate Yeager – “My friends”
-Alright, so this song is a fun loving song. It reminds me of one of those songs that was written with the purpose of looking back. Yeager’s fun loving energy makes the song feel like it might be a part of a musical or (even better) a TV show sitcom. The lyrical theme is sure to relate to a lot of folks who are looking for something joyful to listen to through the warm weather months. Also, if you’re also an aspiring musician, Yeager’s hopeful dreams of winning a Grammy some day (or living in Brooklyn, for that matter), will resonate.

Image courtesy: Lexi Jayde IG

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