Three new songs that convinced me I do like the “adult contemporary” genre

Loi – “I follow”
-Take a strong piano part and a stronger lead vocal, give it some sweeping production behind it, and finish it off with a power beat… that’s a hit! Loi’s most recent track is an interesting adult contemporary tune that you would swear came from an artist like Kelly Clarkson. The mix is dynamic, with tons of pop energy to it. The most interesting part of the recording for me is the use of dynamics; the soft parts draw you in to listen closely and the louder parts will have you belting out your won Loi-style vocals. Fair warning: once you learn this song you will be singing it in the car, in the shower, and everywhere in between!

Brad Wilson – “Heartache without a sound”
-There’s a cool quality to the production here that puts a smile on my face immediately. I don’t really know how the producer was able to create such a cool vibe over the whole thing. The guitar and vocal both seem understated yet they still stand out. It’s hard to explain without just putting the needle to it yourself. The bouncy energy is really intriguing, but it’s the restrained nature of the song that stands out for me. It feels like such an honest expression of keeping going despite sincere personal pain.

deza – “if I don’t like her” (demo)
-Do you see how it says “demo” there? Right? It’s a DEMO and it’s this good!? Oh my word. From the time I clicked play on this song I was like, “who is THIS?” The energy is absolutely dynamic and stands out for me in the same way that I felt when I first heard Maggie Rogers. It’s got this magnetic, synthetic, powerful energy that I have seldom heard in any genre in the past few years. The use of warping and distortion to illustrate the uncertainty and awkwardness in the lyrics… wow. This is honestly brilliant. When deza soars vocally, it’s quite stunning, then there are the contrasted sections feeling self conscious and anxious. I want to see this track absolutely TAKE OFF! Share it with your ten thousand closest friends. This is incredible.

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