Three Americana tracks to make you think about the past and the future

GoldenOak – “Islands”
-If you’re looking for a crispy modern folk style, go no further than GoldenOak’s great new style. The electric guitar really shines through on this one and the vocals are really well done. It’s got a moving rhythm to it that’s a bit faster than the majority of these types of relaxing folk reflective pieces. This one drives forth with a momentum that encourages you to take everywhere you’ve been with you to where you’re going. It’s definitely not your pappy’s Americana and we’re okay with that!

Josh Radnor – “Apocalyptic Love Song”
-The acoustic fingerpicking on this track will grab your attention right away, but it’s the lyrical style that will stick with you longer. The theme is apparent regarding the Apocalypse, but it’s got a love song sentiment to it. “If the world is ending, I’d prefer to be with you.” Talk about an understatement. It’s a really intriguing style that seems Pete Seeger-esque in its approach to a very serious subject with some lyrics that feel almost comically understated. Radnor is writing about apocalyptic societal collapse in the same way that Seeger spoke of Cold War fears of the world’s demise. This is one that I hope is a lovely thought experiment and not a prophecy.

Lucas Ebert – “Nobody”
-If you need a steel guitar for it to really feel country, you’ll like what you hear with Lucas Ebert’s new track “Nobody.” The combination of guitar and vocal style here is a match made in heaven. Something in the energy of this track feels very much like a gospel style tune. Fans of Chris Stapleton will find a new artist to love and follow in Ebert. The connection of the sacred and the profane is a major theme for the editors at ETTG, so this song was perfect for us. Stylistically it’s easy to listen to, but lyrically it’ll make to stop and take a pull from whatever you’re drinking. It’s a good one, folks.

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