Three acoustic singer songwriters to mellow out your midweek

Oblivion Orchestra – “Yours/Mine”
-This is a heartfelt track with some interesting elements to it. There’s an experimental energy in the background to go with an acoustic quality that drives the folk spirit of the track. The lonesomeness in the voice really connects with this particular time. I find the poetic longing to be a brilliant, admirable feature of the song. This one makes you feel, for sure.

rainbow frog biscuits – “Attention”
-Me: Whoa this is so good. Me: Don’t say it. Also me: She really kind of reminds me of Dodie Clark. NO! STOP IT! Okay this is a beautiful piece of songwriting and performance. RFB has a gorgeous voice and sings with such endearing tenderness. The lyrics are engaging and feel very… true. The entire composition demands to be put on one of those relaxing coffeeshop style playlists. It’s charming in so many ways.

Stella Smyth – “The Bluffs”
-If you’re looking for an engaging singer songwriter, check out the emerging Stella Smyth. An easy comparison might be someone like Taylor Swift, but honestly I hear Smyth developing more into a Tessa Violet kind of artist. No matter, Smyth is an incredibly talented artist in her own right. Some of the lyrical turns in this track are sure to stand out for even the most discerning listener. The demographic for this track may not be a mid-30s suburban dad, but honestly I’m here for it. The vocals, writing, and overall vibe are very enjoyable.

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