Three outside-the-box, genre-defying new pop-infused musical gems

Spangler – “Crash”
-This is such an incredible track. It’s not every day that you get to hear a muted trumpet in pop music, but here we are. The composition and instrumentation on this track are much more jazz-meets-pop than most of what dominates the airwaves today. The lyrical sentiment is definitely a fun time, focusing of being obsessed with you’re into. It also kind of feels like a metaphor for knowing that you’re probably not going to make it long term, but you’re so into them that you just feel out of control. It’s smooth, charming, and an absolute VIBE. Spin it.

jerod – “Lacie”
-The lo-fi production on this track almost defies its category. There’s a richness here that will have you listening closely because it’s just so good. This is not your average bro with a tape recorder. There’s a layered, rich texture coming through on this one. The lamenting, emotional lyrics definitely feel familiar (and I know we’re not the only ones). If you’ve ever messed up in a relationship and felt bad about how things panned out, this song is for you. It’s got a mood shift in the middle that you should stick around to hear; the transformation is hopeful and empowering.

Emma Halpin – “Orbit”
-Hello? Is this the 1970s? You forgot to tell us about this superstart disco artist! Oh wait, what? She’s not from the 70s? Fooled me! This track from Emma Halpin will have you bustin’ out dance moves you forgot you knew. It’s got a groove and is absolutely begging for the roller skating party. Heck, there’s even a saxophone for added pizzaz. The lead vocals from Halpin are the main event, but the groove is another fascinating attraction here. Get your dance on and have a good time with this one. It’s perfect for a feel-good playlist.

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