Three indie rock tracks to fire up your weekend

Medium Love – “Hurricane coming”
-If you like raucous rock music, you should definitely check out Medium Love. It’s a sound that is much grungier than most of what we feature here. I really appreciate the layered vocals on the chorus that feel so light compared to the rawness of the lead vocal. The guitar solo on the bridge does a great job of genuinely connecting sections of the song. This is as genuinely “rock” a song as I have heard in a really long time. I can’t always follow the lyrics, but the instrumentation and overall vibe make it a must hear for me.

Lost Near Blue Ape – “Operator”
-I have no idea what this band’s name means, but I enjoy the sounds they make. I guess that’s what counts. The opening news sample is intriguing, but it’s the quality guitar work that speaks to me the most on this track. The song’s lyrical concept is accessible and a bit cheeky. I appreciate the driving rhythm and traditional rock style given a fresh, modern flair. The staccato guitar chords and passionate vocal style work really well on this one. It’s intense and will probably be amazing to sing at a live show.

Sad Son – “Every time”
-If you’re a fan of pop punk, you’ll find a lot to like with this new track from Sad Son. The energy is infectious. There are some great power chords on this one, driving an emotional lyrical adventure. The production mix is really good, allowing the lead vocal to cut through. If you are a fan of bands like Sum41 and Good Charlotte, then give Sad Son a spin. I honestly can’t get over the energy of this one; it makes me feel young again.

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