Three indie folk tracks to reflect the need for love and human connection

Matt Sayers – “Jericho”
-There’s a contemplative nature to this track from Matt Sayers. Poetic lyricism and an unsettling yet hypnotic acoustic guitar part. The combination of the haunting lyrics and that guitar make the listener wonder about the metaphor. The production allows the vocal to really resonate on the chorus. It seems to be a song about taking a risk, going out on an adventure to make it work for a lover (or in spite of her?). In any event, it’s definitely a mysterious and fascinating new tune.

Grayson Foster – “Hold me tonight”
-There’s an intriguing balance to the way this track is put together. The vocal is certainly in the most prominent position in the mix, yet there are electronic and other elements popping around in the background. It’s partially traditional, but also has some elements that feel a bit more contemporary. “I just want the darkness to hold me tonight” is not the lyrical theme we typically hear in music of this folk-related genre. It seems to be a heartache song and he wants her back. The chorus break is definitely unexpected, opening up into this magical layered vocal style that really makes the song. The opening is good, but that break… whew!

Westrin and Mowry – “Waiting”
-A little bit of soul, a little hint of gospel, and a lot of bluesy heartache characterize this new track from Westrin and Mowry. The soaring sentimentality, “…so hard to choose when you’re faced with the truth?” The lyrics feel like reading a diary, full of personal feelings. The piano is a really important element in this song, creating the basis that allows the vocal to grow and expand for some really engaging dynamics. I love the timeless energy on this one. I’d love to hear this one on a big old grand piano in a nice venue. Maybe some day (soon)!

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