Three Americana tracks to capture your heart

Lullanas – “I have met my love today” (John Prine cover)
-You had me at “John Prine.” You won my heart at those vocal harmonies. Oh my word this is a beautiful piece of music. I don’t know much about the connection between the great beyond and this’n, but if John can take a listen he’s crying some happy tears at this track. It’s hard to believe that the sarcastic, acerbic Prine was able to write such a beautiful and genuinely sentimental song. But he did. And I don’t think John would mind me saying, this version is a whole lot prettier than his. Also, we miss you, John. All of us.

Jacob Craddock – “Free from the valley”
-The calming mood created by the acoustic guitar in the opening of this song is a joy in and of itself. Then, cue the Stapleton-esque vocals of Jacob Craddock. Oh goodness gracious, what Americana delight have we found here? There’s something that feels inherently “gospel” about the style on this track. When the piano enters that second verse, there’s a nice nostalgic energy to the track. Fans of Chris Stapleton and/or David Lee Mayfield will find a lot to like in this one.

Kris Angelis – “Sunset”
-Minimalist acoustic work can steal my heart quickly. Angelis tells a romantic, sweet story of connection between two people. It’s peaceful and meaningful. As the full band enters the track, it’s got a mature even contemporary feeling to it. Less the type of jugband Americana that has come to define the genre, but still capturing the sentimentality that seems perfectly befitting the genre. This one is quaint and Angelis’s vocals are consistently beautiful.

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