Three new folk tunes with a classic style to get your new week going

Derek Ted – “Better than you think”
-There are so many things about this song that I like. First, the lead vocal is really solid. Second, the chord structure feels familiar yet fresh. Third, and maybe most importantly, whatever that magic is on the chorus with the chromatic chord change. The combination of these factors, along with some incredibly thoughtful lyrics, results in the type of modern folk that demands out attention. This one is so good, it nestles itself here in early April but might be one that we talk about again in December. Yep, it’s that good! Put it on your folk playlist and smile every time you hear it.

Lissie – “It’s not me”
-Every time I get a submission from an artist of Lissie’s caliber, I can’t help but be a bit dumbfounded. Like Lissie needs our help in finding an audience! No, but seriously this latest single is really good. It’s got the big time production style you might expect from a well-known artist, allowing Lissie’s amazing vocal to pierce through the air. A dash of folk, ample pop energy, and some layered production elements result in a radio-ready pop “love song” that’s of the need-you-but-not-really-but-maybe-I-do variety. Relatable lyrics, a sing-a-long chorus, and a bright energy to the song… this one is primed and ready for windows-down cruising season this spring and summer.

Julie Lavery – “The Answer”
-The combination of old school energy and classic vocal tone on this one made it an immediate “yes” for me. This is my first time learning about Lavery, but I don’t think it’s the last time we’ll be featuring this amazing voice on our site. The lyrics will have you asking spiritual, deep questions that are a bit outside of the traditions of the country vein of genres. The track kicks into more of a modern country gear later in the song, but the early contemplative folk ethos is what we enjoy the most on this one.

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