Three captivating Americana tunes that keep the genre alive

The Roseline – “Seven Hundred Second Chances”
-The layers of this song from the organ to the guitars and, of course, the quality lead vocal all come together for a sound that is quintessential Americana. The inflection of the vocal even feels like it’s country-influenced and country-rock infused. I tell a lot of artists that we’re looking for more of “modern, gritty sound” of Americana and this is definitely that sound. Fans of Jason Isbell’s sound should give The Roseline a shot. This is a quality roots rock sound with metaphorically pleasing lyrics.

O’Neill and Jones – “Broken shoes”
-The easy going acoustic work on this song connected with me right away. I appreciate the banjo a great deal. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are really sweet as well. The whole composition feels like it meshes together really well. It’s a love song that blends and connects the vocalists well. It’s a type of Americana that often gets lost in production effects, but this song resonates beautifully.

Brian Douglas Phillips – “Old Believers”
-Not many of the artists I cover here are folks that I’ve met, but I have heard Phillips live. He’s incredibly talented (and a friendly dude at that). I saw him play a set with David Ramirez some years back. I was thrilled to see his submission come in and was even happier to hear how good the song is. It’s no wonder that he gets along with Ramirez as the two share a similar style of Americana. It’s an earnest, confessional writing style with deep, meaningful lyricism. Phillips has a vocal style that stands out well, a bit old soul and a bit classic country, the combination makes for a sound easy on the ears. The steel guitar work on this track is next level. I’ll be putting this on our Americana list so I can enjoy it all year. It’s one of the best we’ve heard in the genre this year.

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