Three must-hear new folk tunes, including the latest single from Hollow Coves

Hollow Coves – “Lonely nights” ft. Priscilla Ahn
-Every once in a while, a folk band strikes a perfect balance on a track that soothes and inspires. This track from Hollow Coves immediately stood out in a crowded folk scene because of the sense of meaning in it. There’s a seriousness and whimsy all at the same time. I really enjoy the atmospheric elements that set the mood without it feeling over produced. I don’t mean to keep repeating it, but the balance on this track is just outstanding. I plan to listen to this many, many more times.

Shaun Bartlett – “Forever gone”
-Folk music can sometimes be perceived as being the same thing on repeat, but let me tell you Shaun Bartlett brings an experimental energy to folk music that goes in some incredible unique directions. This is not verse, chorus, verse style here. The track bends and meanders through some truly engaging territory. Yet, at the core, the basic melody is a connection point and common thread. If you’re wondering how to be both innovative yet not stray too far from the core principles of music, Bartlett gives some direction and inspiration here.

Portair – “Where the sun goes down”
-There’s an up tempo folk energy here that reminds me of the folk revival of the early 2000s. I enjoy the instrumentation, but really the power of the lead vocal stood out to me the most. There’s such conviction and sentiment in the expressive vocal style here. Portair have a commercial-ready folk sound that seems like it could really take off among fans of Lumineers and the like. This is one for the upbeat folk fans, for sure.

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