Three Americana tunes to help you feel some deep emotions

Mac Greer – “Say it to my face”
-There’s an authenticity to Mac Greer’s voice that is incredible. It reminds me most closely of Tyler Childers, but even still, Greer stands on his own. This song is full of emotional power and energy. If you’ve ever watched someone move on from a relationship to someone new, the visceral reactions in the song will connect for sure. This one swings and swells, and oddly it soothes. More than anything, this song is about feeling that pain and dwelling in it for a bit. The guitars and vocal are absolutely outstanding.

Wildie – “Old man”
-The easy going energy of this track puts me in mind of a wide range of folk rockers from the 70s. Maybe we call this folk, maybe we call it something else, but it has a wonderful poetic vibe in the lyrics. The swing of the song just feels right. It feels like sitting on the porch in the summer time telling stories about the good old days. I really like the Eagles-esque backup vocals. The whole thing just feels right. It’s a comfortable, peaceful easy feeling.

Mitchel Evan – “Cancel out the noise”
-If I had to tell someone the sound of Americana in 2021, I might just play them this song from Mitchel Evan. It throws back to some iconic early country sounds but also hits with some modern rock energy as well. The composition feels like *real* rock music with real guitars and vocals. The production has a vintage flair without feeling intentionally old fashioned. For lack of a better term, the mix feels “classic.” At its heart, the lyrics are a blues tune about feeling heartbroken and wanting to be able to move on. It’s a relatable theme with an easy-to-groove melody. This is music for everyone!

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