Three classic folk singer songwriters to end the work week

Chris Considine – “Long lost friend”
-This track has the kind of acoustic guitar work that folk fans love. It’s approachable, easy going, and allows the vocal to really shine. I don’t know anything about the characters in this story, but the song makes me want to know how they’re doing and how everything worked out. The use of clever cliches for lyrical moments is definitely a unique feature of the song. It’s an intriguing song, allowing the imagination to take a lot of liberties.

Porch Weather – “Time to start”
-Well ain’t this a sweet tune? I really enjoy the lead vocal here and the easy going, unhurried style of the track. There’s so much folk out there that wants to romp and rollick, so it’s nice to feature a calming track like this from Porch Weather. The lyrics are delightfully poetic. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, this song will find its way to places in your heart that you didn’t know you had. The easy going, gentle composition only works to further highlight the heartfelt meaning of the lyrics. I’d love to hear this on the radio, but I’m just so glad it’s out here for the world to hear. This is what SONGWRITING is all about.

The Paper Kites – “Dearest” ft. Lydia Cole
-This track begins with a subtle acoustic guitar fingerpicking a melody that makes me take notice… then the voice is soooo gentle and smooth. I really like this entire composition. The gentle electric guitar feels positively angellic in this one. By the time the second vocal enters the track, it feels like a beautiful dream. The track blends together incredibly well. As someone who listens to thousands of folk songs in a year, it’s such a gift to find one like this that captures the magic of the genre so well. This is about love; this is about acceptance. This is a gorgeous piece of music.

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