Three brand new Americana tracks for your enjoyment

Johnny – “Down the aisle”
-If you’re looking for a classic two-step style track, give Johnny a spin. The classic composition here is definitely Americana. We’re happy to feature the sound. Everything from the smoky tone on the lead vocal to the brushes on the snare feel like they come from the mid 20th century. I’ll put it this way; within seconds of listening to the song, I was reminded of family members from the Boomer generation. I think that speaks to the era, the sound, and the overall mood of this track. It’s a love song with a nice swing.

DL Rossi – “Tumbling”
-There’s a nice old time energy to this track, “Tumbling,” even as it has some modern production flourishes. The combination of the solid lead vocal and the mixed backing is a quality standout sound. If you’re looking for a song for your Americana playlists, I would recommend Rossi’s songwriting. It would be interesting to hear the lyrical message here in a bit more sparing production, particularly with less percussion, but as it stands this is an intriguing mood for an Americana tune.

Kelly McFarlung – “Follow me down”
-The nice, easy going energy of this track drew me in right away. McFarlung has one of those voices that just cuts though, yet also feels like one of the classics. It’s easy to compare her to Carole King or Karen Carpenter in terms of tone and style. The throwback energy of the track, especially with the steel guitar, works really well. I guess you could call this folk rock, too. Whatever you call it, this definitely has alluring energy that lulls the listener in a nice, relaxing way.

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