Three unique forms of new rock music you’ll want in your life

King Neptune – “In the morning”
-There’s a really peaceful energy to the acoustic guitar in this track. The vocal harmonies are my favorite part, of course, but I like how the track builds on itself. The opening feels like a pretty standard acoustic folk tune, but by the end it feels much more like a rock jam. The composition overall feels like a full story well told. This is an exciting and fun new rock track.

Brijs – “Mol y Sol”
-I dig the infectious pop rock energy right from the start of this song. Even though the title is in another language, the lyrics are in English. It’s definitely a feel good song about spending one last night together. If you’ve ever been with someone that really makes you think, even if you’re not a good fit together, this one is for you. The entire experimental and unconventional rock energy hits just right for me. The guitars and vocals are both killer.

The Jenkins Twins – “Is this a dream?”
-I don’t know much about music production, but however this song was mixed is absolutely EXQUISITE. I run into so much rock that is just… not well done. This song is a masterclass in genre-blending rock and Americana. Some of it even feels like western swing country music (i.e. Buck Owens). I can’t believe how colorful the song is overall; the vocals, the guitars, and the full production are really good. This is a timeless track and deserves to be widely played.

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