Three innovative new indie folk tunes for your midweek joy

Sarah Connolly – “Wishing bone”
-I really appreciate the unhurried timing of this track from Connolly. The rhythm section provides a timeless base, allowing Connolly’s quality vocal to soar. There’s a really interesting dynamic between the tone of Connolly’s voice and the effect on the electric guitar. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but it’s absolutely innovative and intriguing. The mood of the track is fascinating from start to finish. Definitely put it on your playlist and enjoy this one every time.

Danielle Durack – “Now that I’m alone”
-The introspective energy of this track is really incredible. I appreciate how the snare in the background sets a particular mood, while the guitar and gentle vocal style go in a slightly different direction. The thoughtful lyrics about what to do and this newfound independence feels almost paralyzing in its depth. The guitar work really stands out for me on this track, but I am intrigued by the story. Is it an allegory? Did something happen? Is it all a dream? It’s soooo interesting and at the same time calming.

Inland Isle – “Analise”
-An argument can be made for this to be more in the Americana category than folk, but I think it fits on this playlist. The lead vocal here is absolutely incredible. This is the kind of band that you hear in the bar next door and you think… alright, I need to go see them. I am totally thrilled to have found these vocal harmonies. It’s a vintage sound on the guitars and a layered vocal harmony that makes me feel like I’m listening to a classic rock band from the 70s, yet there’s this fresh mix on the track that feels brand new. Inland Isle — YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION! This is a really good track and I look forward to following your promising folk rock career.

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