Three indie pop artists to catch your attention

Lauryn Macfarlane – “Nowhere town”
-This track is an absolute mashup of a track, bringing together pop synth elements with handclaps and a hard hitting vocal flavor. I can’t quite put my finger on who Macfarlane sounds like, but there’s definitely a bit of a country flair a la Kacey Musgraves at times. The secularism and obvious rejection of faith is an intriguing lyrical statement in the early 21st century. It’s far more a moral contemplative piece than initially meets the ear.

Driveaway – “Summer song”
-If you’re looking for a chilled out rock song, look no further than Driveaway’s latest. It has some lush elements that definitely put it in the category, yet there are some super chill styles that feel very much lo-fi. I appreciate the layers of sound on this one a lot. Sometimes the lyrics are so understated I feel like I have to lean in to listen more, but then the track swells to these glorious, soaring elements on the chorus. It’s about memory and connection, about hope and regret. I love all the emotions that can come from a song like this. It’s a treat.

bulow – “First place”
-I fell for bulow’s incredible electro pop sound with the track “Jennifer” a while back. I was pleasantly surprised to see bulow back in our submissions and this new track “First Place” did not disappoint. It veers a bit from the folk we typically cover around here, but the core vocal, melody, and groove are all quintessential ETTG music. I appreciate the relatable lyrics as well. If you’ve ever had a bitter split with someone who tries to kiss and make up but want to tell them off, this song will hit perfect. It’s a whole groove and experience, honestly.

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