Three folk singer songwriters that are why you follow this site

Paola Bennet – “In this body”
-The unhurried style of the melody in this track stood out for me right away. Even the lyrics about not knowing how to exist in your body is kind of a mind… meld (we’ll call it). Bennet is putting lyrics to concepts you’ve probably thought in your own mind but have never really expressed. That’s what good art can do is make you think more consciously and intentionally about things that seem peripheral to daily life. The precise quality of the lead vocal is absolutely perfect for conveying the deep existential realities at the heart of the song.

Christina Apostopoulos – “Shiny and new”
-The energy of this track is vintage, without a doubt. There’s a kind of tongue and cheek quality about the song that I can’t fully identify. I guess it’s maybe about remaking yourself for someone even though it’s not entirely genuine. That said, the classic faux old time jazz reminds me a bit of what made the Postmodern Jukebox act take off a few years ago. At the core of the track is a fun, whimsical dose of the truth.

Hunter Moffat – “Wind”
-The easy going acoustic style of Moffat’s guitar here really sets the mood for the track. The lyrics will evoke introspective thoughts from all listeners. The track has a simplicity that I adore. The vocal drips with authenticity as it twists and turns around the main melody of the track. It’s a unique, contemplative piece of folk music.

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