Three outstanding new singer songwriters for your 2021 playlists

Stathi – “Ideas for the afterlife”
-I was immediately struck by the folk narrative style with this track from Stathi. The lyrics are punctuated and immediately meaningful. It talks about class, poverty, and the powerlessness that so many of us feel. If you’ve ever felt a sense of disconnection or depression, Stathi will speak to your life. I appreciate the sincerity and depth of this recording. Give it a shot.

The Tapples – “Place to hide”
-From the opening of this track, the acoustic guitar takes center stage. The chill energy on the vocal works really well. For some reason this track reminds me of an early 90s alt rock track. The personal, diary-like writing style make it feel quite intimate. If you’re looking for an introspective and thoughtful singer songwriter, definitely consider adding the Tapples to your playlists for 2021.

Eline Hoyer – “Hush my baby”
-The relaxed energy of this track is really intriguing. The vocal is unconventional, but still pulls the listener in. The overall mood keeps moving without truly being a lullaby, but it has some tender hearted moments. The overall pop style here is sure to win some fans amongst our fans of singer songwriter music.

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