Three original singer songwriters to captivate new audiences

Rob Rice – “Tiny window”
-I like the delicate balance between a light folk energy and a storytelling sentimentality in this piece. Rob Rice brings a vocal that feels familiar. The lyrics are calming, thoughtful, and genuine. The harp and other orchestral elements help to convey the domesticated, gentle message of the song. It’s a sound that you’ve never heard before, but will enjoy adding to your relaxing folk playlists moving forward.

Luke Andrews Band – “Who I am”
-There’s a moving folk rock energy to Luke Andrews Band. The rich guitar work helps to drive this song with an original melody. The overall production does a nice job of connecting elements of rock and folk. The vocal harmonies/layering on the chorus is well done. The lyrics will have you reflecting on who you are and where you’ve been. It’s sort of a “coming of age” story if written after the resolution. I have to say this late-30s guy can relate.

Scott Jackson – “Took a trip”
-The last time I wrote about Scott Jackson I said that you should listen to the amazing guitar work. That’s still true; the acoustic guitar style here is absolutely amazing. Jackson’s vocal is also quite good. It’s the total folk acoustic package and I’m so glad to support this sound. There’s a “rolling” style to this song, thanks to the fingerpicking, that feels like movement, like momentum. It reminds me of floating down a river or going for an unhurried drive. It’s well done. Add this one to your folk list and smile every time.

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