Three inspiring Americana pieces, including a Townes Van Zandt cover

Tom Baird – “Buckskin Stallion Blues” (Live) – Townes Van Zandt cover
-If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I don’t feature covers very often; if I do, it has to be great. This is an amazing cover of a classic tune from the iconic Townes Van Zandt. Baird brings a sentimental crooning style vocal to a lonesome, desperate lyric. It works incredibly well. Anyone who has felt the loneliness of rejection, of longing to love someone who doesn’t want to be loved… this song will resonate. The sweet electric guitar and the sincere vocal work wonders on this work of American poetry. This is a gem.

Quote the Raven – “Home is worth the blues”
-The full production on this track brings together several elements of good Americana music from the guitar, stand up bass, and a quality lead vocal. When the mix hits your ears, it feels incredibly satisfying. It’s rare for me to support such a rich production mix on Americana, which is often best with a more sparing style. This one, though, is quite good. The lead vocal is spot on, inspiring the listener to lean in and pay attention. The lyrics will make you want to fight for your home and community; this is a good song at a perfect time in our shared communal experience. Let this one inspire you, friends.

Jeremy Parsons – “Something other than you are”
-Parsons has a quintessential Americana voice. The overall mix of the track allows the guitars to take center stage, but Parsons sounds like someone who’s been singing this style for a long time. When these powerful elements collide, there’s a wonderful alchemy. The poetic lyrics are really inspiring as well. It’s a bit introspective, but it’s also calling out to a love. It’s sort of a colloquial, “hey, why don’t we give it a try?” It’s endearing. The instrumentation and vocal work really well for the mood and message of the song. It jangles just right; I like it.

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