Three Americana tracks that help you feel rooted as you listen

Miles Adams – “Ride out the wave”
-Take a dash of folksy acoustic guitar, a big ole cup of sincerity in the vocals, and a bucket full of grittiness… that’s a weird recipe, but it absolutely works for Miles Adams in this latest track. Small details like harmonics and syncopation creep into the composition for percussive, inpactful moments. Something about it reminds me of Bela Fleck and the artful, jazz-inspired rock moments that defined that revolutionary art. I don’t know if I ever heard Miles Adams before this track, but I will definitely take notice moving forward. This is alt, experimental, unconventional and captivating. Spin it.

Riley Catherall – “Vacant Lot”
-I haven’t met Riley Catherall in person yet, but from the music I’ve heard from him I’m pretty sure we’d be friends. He’s just got that… approachable style about him. I really, really like the electric guitar lick that characterizes this track. Catherall’s lyrics and writing are good on this one (as they seem to be on all of his stuff), but it’s the magic of blending the guitar and those lyrics that hits for me. It’s such a wonderful Americana sound, with shades of folk rock. The introspective lyrics will keep you humble but the melody will keep you fighting. This one’s a winner.

Of Sea and Stone – “Ordinary things”
-There’s an atmospheric energy, a fiddle, and a quality lead vocal in the opening of this song… and once the vocal harmony enters the track, you’ll stop dead in your tracks. I love these harmonies. The smooth, soft vocal style contrasts so well with the rhythmic, old fashioned feeling from the guitar and fiddle work. It feels both old and new all at once. The lyrics are inspiring for folks who are just out here surviving in the midst of life’s struggles. This is an anthem for cooking dinner, cleaning house, and tucking kids in at night. It’s the sing-a-long tune for slow dancing with your spouse, drinking that extra glass of water, and shoveling the snow from the driveway. This is an anthem for love and life. It’s so good!

Image courtesy: Of Sea and Stone IG

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