Three thoughtful new folk songs for your midweek

Mo Kenney – “Strange powers”
-We’ve covered Mo Kenney in the past, so it’s not at all surprising to hear that we have her back for this new track. The intimate acoustic guitar work on this one is really solid and the relaxing vocal over the top does a nice job of making everyone feel comfortable. When I tell people that we support narrative folk music, this is what I mean. This could work around a campfire or in the corner at a coffeeshop. In any form, this is a thoughtful, engaging song from Mo Kenney. Give it a spin.

Cole Scheifele – “All the while”
-This track is the total package. The production, the voice, the melody, and the lyrics are all really good. Something about Schiefele’s vocal feels familiar, yet continues to stand out with every listen. I appreciate almost Steve Miller like calm about the composition. The song moves but is unhurried. “I don’t know where I be goin but I’ll find out when I get there…” Yep. That just about sums it up.

Jon and Roy – “Here’s where you’re wrong”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic folk music you’re in the right place – and you can’t do much better than Jon and Roy. The guitars are absolutely a major voice in this composition, then the human voices enter and create a fabulous alchemy. It’s rare to have a song that feels so wonderfully complete. This honestly feels like a song that was written in the 70s by some of the folk rockers of that era. I could picture this one being played during an opener’s set for a band like CSNY or The Band with the crowded digging on this for real.

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