Three engaging new pop tunes to get you moving

Pete and Sarah – “Take me back”
-I don’t typically feature music with 80s style synth energy, but this one hit me right. I dig the layered vocal harmonies on this one. The lyrical concept of reunifying after a split is actually really inspiring, too. There’s a fun, exciting energy to this one. It’s dripping with optimism and joyful, danceable energy.

Birds in the Boneyard – “To be with you”
-This track feels like it’s from another time. I mean that a sincere compliment about the throwback 60s pop sound. The guitars even sound like they were recorded at Abbey Road. The whole track feels like it was captured in another era. That said, the simple lyrical style and straight rock energy is definitely appealing. It’ll make you want to swoon over those skiffle boys, for sure.

Olivia Wendel – “Skipping stones”
-The atmospheric energy in the opening of this track gives the listener and immediate sense that it’s about to take off. The electric guitar has a calming and empowering sense to it. Wendel’s vocal is the backbone of the track, conveying a message of hopeful narrative. If you’ve ever been in a contemplative mood after missing someone, this track will connect with you. The stone imagery in the lyrics is really intriguing. Once the more solidly rock part of the track emerges, you’ll feel the movement and sense of maturation. There’s a complexity to this song that is quite admirable.

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