Three brand new indie rock tracks to catch your attention

Joseph Busic – “Pacific Highway”
-I appreciate the pop rock elements to this new track from Busic. There are some breaks from traditional rock that work here. The best parts for me are the electric guitar solos and some of the vocal layering. That said, it’s a really crispy rock energy with a memorable melody. I could totally picture rocking out to this one at a show!

Honey Cellar – “Gibson Moon”
-I appreciate the blend of styles in this track. As a blog that primarily covers folk but dips into rock (and related genres) often, this one kind of felt like a “catch all.” The string work brings an optism that I really appreciate this year. The vocal harmonies are reminiscent of a lot of good classic folk rock. The full mix on this song feels really rewarding overall, like listening to a mid-60s festival band.

KOTA – “Lucy”
-So when I first clicked play on this track, the banter in the opening almost made me click away… but I heard that first guitar riff and became an INSTANT fan. Oh my word are these guys good! The clean blues rock guitar style is fantastic, but the lead vocalist is talented as well. KOTA is the kind of band that brings together a lot of classic elements into a really interesting fresh new sound. If you’re a fan of timeless rock music, put KOTA on your playlist and you’ll love them every time.

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