Three new tracks defining the “adult contemporary” genre in 2021

Gracen Reign – “Holy Water”
-There are a lot of artists making the “powerful pop vocal” subgenre, so when we run across them it’s hard to have them really stand out. Gracen Reign’s POWER pop vocal is absolutely stunning and worth considering. The bluesy, gospel core of this song is going to make a lot of people pay attention. Comparisons with Amy Winehouse or Adele are a bit too easy for this one. There’s a maturity and power in this vocal that will make it rise to the top of any playlist. Put this one on at a party and you’ll see heads turn.

Jodie Marie – “This house”
-Woo dang! Check out this VOICE! We’ve covered Jodie Marie in the past, but this song is on another level. Oh my word! It definitely hits hard like a late 60s banger. The overall energy is mysterious in the best way. I appreciate how the lyrical theme is applicable to some historical gender dynamics… but also resonates with people because of the current pandemic. It’s mostly just really fun to listen to rock n’ roll that could fit right in on a classic rock station.

Riley Hirshey – “The rest of my life”
-When I first clicked play on this track, I thought it felt pretty easy going and fun. But as I listened to it more, it occurred to me that this was an intriguing love song. It’s so undeniably sincere. I think there’s something to be said for someone who can write a track like this without it feeling cheesy or overdone. It’s a song that I could definitely imagine making a lot of feel good, loving playlists for a certain holiday coming soon (hint, hint).

Image courtesy: Jodie Marie IG

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