Three indie folk tracks to add to your 2021 emerging artists playlist

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – “Mama I don’t wanna go to Nashville”
-I’ve compared other artists to Rusty Clanton in the past, but this track from Harmon really reminded me of Clanton’s easy going acoustic folk style. There’s a longing in the vocal style that definitely reminds me of the rising trend in indie pop music right now. There’s a sincerity to this track that is much needed in the music industry; it carves out its own sound while feeling familiar at the same time. It’s charming.

Eleanore Rue – “Lightbulb”
-This is an excellent pop folk track that you should put on your playlist right now. You are going to hear this and think “who IS that?” every time it comes up. The production is amazing, the vocal is definitive and power, and the overall composition works together really well. I like how the metaphor in the main lyric emerges easily. Overall, it’s a song that feels good to listen to and you will enjoy having it be a part of your life.

Lost Arrows – “If you dry your tears”
-If you love stunning harmonies, this is the song for you. I rarely run across folk harmonies this good, demanding comparisons with classics like Simon and Garfunkel. The warm, rich textures of this song make it one of my favorites of the year so far. I’ll be putting this on my “song of the year” candidates list. It’s so light and beautiful in both vocals and lyrics. This is a truly remarkable piece of music.

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