Three singer songwriters to make you think in early February

Streams of Thought – “Through my veins”
-The easy comparison for Streams of Thought is probably Sleeping at Last. But I encourage you to look beyond that comparison and enjoy the subtle, expressive style of this music. The lead vocal feels familiar and comforting. The harp and violin definitely create a unique, engaging vibe. This is such an amazing style of music with shades of folk, pop, and orchestral styles. It all comes together for something delightfully thought provoking.

Johnny Helm – “Hat on my head”
-I really appreciate the sincerity of Johnny Helm’s lyrical style. The rasp in his voice reminds me a bit of Ray Lamontagne, but the overall vibe is definitely more in the vein of Americana music. The delicate banjo in the background creates a texture that feels old timey. The total production feels like a connection of the past with the present. I don’t know the story behind the lyrics, but it seems to be one of empathy, connecting with someone that you know (perhaps a father?) shaping your everyday life. It’s definitely got an emotive feel to it and hit me harder with each subsequent listen. Give it a few spins and appreciate Helm’s artistry here.

Hadley Kennary and Bre Kennedy – “The Hardest Part”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, this is a song you’ll want to put on your playlist. The opening vocal is good, but the harmonies once the second vocal comes in is absolutely FANTASTIC. There are a lot of people who try to make a folk duo work, but few come close to the excellence on display here with Kennary and Kennedy. The poetic lyrical style will have you thinking of people you’ve known in your own life; it’s a gorgeous nostalgic journey that will make you relive both the painful and pleasureable moments from your life.

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