Three folk singer songwriters for mid January

Billy Low – “One way flight”
-I admire the sensibility of this track; it just feels like the vocalist believes the lines that he’s singing. There’s a gentle sincerity here that I don’t often hear in folk music. The calm, efficient approach of the tune really permeates into the air. If you’ve ever committed to something, especially a relationship, you will relate to the lyrics of this piece. It’s really fascinating.

Elmwood Harmony – “Don’t be denied”
-Honestly, when I found this song I thought it might be one of the best fits for our site that I’ve heard in nearly a decade of covering music. It’s not just that it’s a throwback folk sound… it’s the harmonies. The combination is exactly what I love about music. I felt an instant connection with these two talented artists. There’s a timeless energy to their songwriting that makes my historical, music-loving heart immensely happy.

Mitchel Evan – “Band-aid”
-I’m not going to say it. Nope. I won’t do it.
Okay, but just once. He sounds like Ryan Adams.
Alright, now I can proceed with the actual review of the song. Evan has a gritty, modern Americana sound that we definitely dig on our site. The tone of the guitars, the vocal style, and the overall production definitely echo some of the most successful modern Americana artists. It’s cool to hear someone sing a love song with this sort of rock n’ roll abandon where we can still hear and understand every lyric. It’s impassioned and genuine. Dig it.

Image courtesy: Elmwood Harmony IG

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